Monday, March 18, 2013

Stomach Flu is Not On the Menu

Last week I spoke about how I wasn't overly impressed with the Chicken and Sweet Potatoes.  It just so happens that may not have been a totally biased review.  The night I had that stew was the night before we came down with the stomach flu.  That is also why I haven't posted anything in a few days.

I was in bed all weekend hiding under my blankets and pillows.  When I finally came out of my hiding, I realized my house (especially my kitchen) were wrecked.  Then I remembered my cleaning lady just recovered from the flu.  So I need to clean up before I can jump back into the challenge. 

We seemed to have politely taken our turns with this sickness, which is the only thing polite about the stomach flu.  First the baby got it (I blame her), then my five-year-old, then myself.  My husband is dying in the bedroom as we speak.  He should be better by tomorrow, which is when we will pick up where we left off. 

BBQ Chicken is thawed and waiting in my fridge! 

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