Thursday, March 7, 2013

In A Rut

Blah.... when are these recipes going to pick up again?  I’m not sure if we’re getting sick of slow cooking recipes or if we have been picking bad ones, but they just haven’t been as exciting as we are hoping for.

Tonight I made spaghetti sauce to go with spaghetti noodles. 
Well...the noodles were delicious, but the sauce left much to be desired. 
I even tried using my emersion blender to get a texture more like our normal spaghetti sauce. 
While I appreciate getting more veggies into my diet, let’s leave the carrot flavor to the salads.

Michelle made Pork and Veggies.  She and her husband Jamison had a similar reaction to what my family and I had...blah.


Michelle had this to say, “This cooked faster than I expected.  I suspect it was because I defrosted it first :). But, it only took 3 hours on low in the Creuset.  My husband didn't like it because it was too similar to the beef stew, only with less flavor.  I agree even though we served this one over rice.  It was hearty and filling, but not very flavorful.”

Tonight she is having the BBQ Chicken and serving it to some guests she is having over.  I am having that for dinner tomorrow, so we will talk about that tomorrow.  Fingers crossed we can get out of this bland rut!

Molly is in it with us though.  Tonight she had Bean Stew and didn’t find it very appetizing.  We loved the recipes with a kick, but have a hard time liking the bland recipes.

She had this to say about it, “Not a big fan of the bean stew. I used a dry soup bean medley. My husband wasn't able to eat the rest of it. He suggested adding bacon, ham, or beef cubes to give it a better flavor. I think bacon would have been the key to making this a more enjoyable recipe. Least favorite thus far.”

Sorry, Molly.  I hope tomorrow night’s is better!

If you would like to jump in this challenge, we will be making crockpot/slow cooker recipes for the first 30 days of March.  Email me here, if you would like to share your experiences.  Next month we will be sharing the love through 30 days of cupcakes!

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