Friday, March 1, 2013

Sausage and Bean Dinner

Tonight when I walked in my house after a long day, the smell of dinner hit me. It was done cooking, and just waiting for me to spoon into bowls and serve to my family. Awesome!
My little German kitchen isn't very big, so I had to put half of the bags in the fridge instead of the freezer. That seems to work out okay since they won't go bad in a week, and they are already thawed and ready to go in the crockpot. So this morning before I left for work, I put the "Sausage and Bean Dinner" in the crockpot, turned it on to Low/8 hours and took the girls to school, then I went to work.
My friend Alexandra, who is also doing this challenge, gave me good tip of using a slow cooker liner.  I couldn’t find any in my grocery store so I used an oven bag.  Also a tip from Alexandra.  She’s too handy not to be friends with! 
The bag worked really well, but my crockpot was bigger than the bag.  I think the turkey size oven bags would work better with a big crockpot.  Or you could use no bag at all of course.


I talked to my friend Molly, who is starting this challenge and she decided to use chicken in place of pork because she really doesn’t care for pork.  That’s another reason why it’s cool making these recipes.  Not only are they done when you come home from work, but they are made to your specifications. 
So anyway, I cooked the Sausage and Bean Dinner today. 

It was a little too spicy for my girls, aged five and one, but my husband and I loved it!  Especially with the sour cream mixed in, it was delicious.  There was plenty left over so I will be taking it for lunch this coming week a couple of times.  Gotta love free lunch! 
If we do these recipes again we are going to use the frozen pre-chopped onions you can buy in the freezer section (obviously) at the grocery store.  Michelle didn’t know if they made onions that you could buy pre-chopped so she was planning on making millions. 

 Then I crushed her dreams.  Muahahahaha!

Michelle would also like to politely ask all can companies to change their plans to only making cans with pull tabs, which is hilarious to me since she’s super strong.  Well, I guess as strong as a yoga instructing, roller-derby girl would be. ;-) 
My friend Kerrie, who gets her kick ass strength from playing hockey, is in Michigan this week, so she will catch up with the challenge when she gets back to Canada.  Dinner just went global!

The recipe for the Sausage and Bean Dinner can be found at Loving My Nest.

Email me if you would like to join in on a thirty day challenge!

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