Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bean Stew and Teriyaki Chicken

Last night for dinner we had ate some of our BBQ Chicken leftovers. 

These recipes are going so far, that I may not have to make a whole other 11 recipes for the second half of the challenge.  Things were a little crazy last night; you can read about that here. 

So today for dinner we are having Bean Stew.  Molly and Michelle, (and Michelle’s husband Jamison) have all reported that this recipe is nice and hearty but lacks flavor.  To hopefully kick the recipe up, I added ham and some Lawry’s seasoning. 
I picked up two little containers of pre-cooked, cubed ham at the grocery store in the salad making section, cut off the skin, cut the pieces a little smaller and threw it in with the stew.  Hopefully that helps with the flavor!

Michelle had a roller derby bout, so she stuck with leftovers and some after bout Doner!  

Molly had leftovers too.  If you get nothing from this post besides this one point, understand that unless you have a big family, you will have leftovers!  Not always a bad thing though!

Molly ate Chicken Taco Soup and made potatoes. 

She had this to say, “Yesterday we had the remaining taco soup. Today I made the chicken and sweet potato stew. It's ok...has a different flavor that's not really my taste. John liked it. My golden potatoes turned black though so I took them out. I used baby ones because they didn't have the regular Yukon gold ones. I wouldn't recommend them.”

 My really good friend Kerrie, who lives in Canada had a harder time finding everything for the recipes and found that the costs were a lot higher than we found in Michigan and in Germany.  Last night Kerrie made Teriyaki Chicken which looks delicious!

Here is the recipe for Teriyaki Chicken!

Teriyaki Chicken

 1 large carrot per bag (peeled and cut)

1 large red onion Chunks. split

1 fresh pineapple. split

1/4 cup 100% apple juice per bag

2 garlic cloves chopped per bag

2 chicken breast per bag

1/2 cup teriyaki sauce per bag


*Add 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce to mixture.(optional)

Cook: High 4 hours, Low 8 hours.

Serve over rice or alone.

Kerrie also had this to say, “So I started the food last night. We ended up going out to dinner with some friends... Well dinner led to a few drinks and that led to us trying the Chicken. I am not usually one for fruit mixed in with my food but this recipe was quite delicious! This meal I only made it so mike and I would get one serving. (Just in case it sucked, I didn't want to waste food).”

She also said, “BTW... People up here want me to keep them posted on all of this because I might be making food for people who work at the plant. This might have gotten me some extra cash. Thanks haha.”

If you would like to participate and share your pictures/info with cooking crockpot recipes, shoot me an email!  Please let me know if you have any crockpot/ slow cooker recipes that you think we should try out!  Next month's challenge will be 30 days of cupcaks to eat, share and enjoy!
The recipe for Bean Stew can be found here.
What's for dinner tonight?!

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