Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's Get the Prep On

Holy crap, I am tired! Who knew cooking could take it out of you like this.  When I was at the store, I wondered why I never buy this much food at a time.  Usually I only buy my groceries for a couple days at a time. Then I got home, and standing at the bottom of the stairs, four floors below my apartment, I realized why.  Three trips up and down those four flights and I finally had everything inside!  Let's be honest.  It made me cranky and out of breath.  I just kept reminding myself, one night of cooking, and two weeks of eating before I have to do this again. 

Plus, the veggies looked so good.  I'm motivated by vegetables. 

My friend, Michelle, and I both got good spreads today.

When cutting up veggies, we both came to the same conclusion. 

Are you kidding me onions?! 

Next time, we're definately using prechopped frozen onions.  In fact my plan is for next time to make this whole process much easier.  I read on Pinterest if you burn a candle next to the onions that you're cutting, it takes the strong oder away that makes you cry.  Apparently my one candle to 11 onions was not sufice.  It was embarressing. 
But hard work, determination, and pure stuburness paid off!

Meals for a couple of weeks with no prep work needed!  At the end of a long day like today, I have a feeling these are going to be much loved.  Tune in tomorrow for our lessons learned and ideas we came up with! 
If you are interested in doing the challenge, and would like to include your photos and stories, email me!

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