Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew

Michelle and her husband Jamison are still hard at work cleaning up the leftovers.  If we had more Chicken Tortilla Soup leftovers from the other night, we would be having that for dinner!  It was delicious, but since it was gone tonight we ate Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew. 

It’s not my favorite.  I don’t know if it’s because it tastes too much like carrots, or if I just wasn’t in the mood for stew.  Either way, tonight’s dinner wasn’t as great as it has been on other nights. 


Thirty days of crockpot cooking is a lot.  This is where the challenge is beginning.  In the future I won’t make and plan on eating from my crock pot every night.  It has taken the special appeal out of it, and I’m starting to daydream of steak.  I do like being able to have a complete meal on hand, ready to go in the freezer though, so that is something I will do in the future.   Hopefully we will get some good recipes for the second half of this challenge to spice things up!


Molly also had some leftovers.  She doubled the Chicken Tortilla Soup so they had plenty of leftovers.  Um, if you need help with eating those Chicken Tortilla Soup leftovers Molly, just say the word! ;-)

Here is Molly’s recap for the day, “So with the taco soup I realize once it was done cooking that I had neglected to put the chicken in when I first made the bag. John was a little sad but used some chicken from another meal for his. It was really good. My other problem was that I either used or misplaced the chicken broth for this, so I only had about 1/3 of a carton of broth in my fridge. That what I used and  it turned out with the consistency of chili. I added cheese on top and realized I now have a taco chili recipe. I'll add some beef and black beans next time to make it even more authentic! It is delicious! I was getting tired of soups anyways lol.”


See!  I’m not the only one getting tired of a couple of the recipes! Haha. 


I’ve changed my plans for the second half of this month’s slow cooker recipes.  There are so many yummy slow cooker/crockpot recipes out there on the internet, Pinterest, cookbooks, etc.  So for the second half, if you would like to participate; you can either come up with your own recipes, follow recipes that will be shared here, or re-do the recipes that we have already done.  If you’re interested in participating, shootme an email!


Recipes for the Chicken Tortilla Soup and Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew can be found at Loving My Nest.


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