Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Beef Stew

Molly and Michelle both made Beef Stew last night.  Here’s what they had to say!

Molly said, “John said this was the best stew he's ever had.  I used chuck eye beef and cooked it on high for two hours to thaw it and then on low for 6.  It is tasty and hearty.”

Michelle said, “Meat stew got done pretty fast!  I had a bowl already and it's not too bad.  I added some more salt and pepper and enjoyed it with crackers.   We will have tons of leftovers!”

Speaking of leftovers, I just can’t seem to go through these recipes fast enough.  Tonight we are having leftover Chicken Taco Soup.  My husband, Brian, and I ate it for lunch today too.  It is so good, so I don’t mind.  I have started soaking tortilla chips in the soup just long enough to absorb the flavor before I eat them.  That may be why I’m not sick of the soup yet.  This will be a recipe that I keep for sure. 

Michelle learned her lesson about thawing food out.   After making sandwiches for dinner, her Bean Soup was finally done cooking at midnight.  She said, “The bean soup was pretty yummy.  We ate it for lunch for two days.  Although, it finally finished around midnight, so it's a good thing we went with the sandwiches!”  We both have Pork and Veggies thawing in the fridge for dinner tomorrow. 

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that Michelle uses Creusets to cook her food instead of a slow cooker.  She’s fancy like that haha.  She said, “Yes, I have two matching Creusets.  No judging!  I got the both on clearance at TJMaxx.  :)”

The shopping lists and recipes can be found at Loving My Nest.

Next month’s challenge is 30 days of cupcakes.  While it would be amazing/ nauseating to eat cupcakes every day, the meaning of next month’s challenge is to take care of each other.  It has been a long winter, so let’s get together and share the love.  I think we all know a co-worker, neighbor, family, group or organization that would be thankful for a surprise gift of cupcakes. 

If you are interested in creating these recipes and sharing your experience, or participate in the cupcake challenge, please email me!  A new set of 11 recipes will come out on the 16th, if you would like to jump in then.


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