Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Get Me Some Crispy In These Recipes!

Getting over any kind of sickness is no fun, but it becomes especially difficult when you are writing about food and trying new recipes every night when you have a stomach flu.  Thankfully that is over, but our appitites really haven’t resumed yet.  While my hips are thankful I’m sure, the rest of me is wanting more out of these crockpot recipes.  So to conclude the rest of this challenge, I will be making meals in the crockpot that go with something that sound delicious.  I would really like to add a little more crispiness to my meals too. 

Tonight I made my second batch of BBQ Chicken.  It was good, but we didn’t eat very much.  It just wasn't doing it for me. 

Molly has been taking a little breather from stew to soup to stew recipes as well.  Molly made Meat Stew Saturday then spent Sunday and Monday catching up with her family (who I happen to think are awesome and a great way to spend a weekend!).

Michelle was drug to Brussels against her will and forced to eat steak, waffles, frites and seafood.  She will be back on the crockpot wagon soon.  And for the record, Michelle didn’t bring me back any awesome food!  Just kidding, Michelle.

My friend Alexandra made the Chicken Tortilla Soup and loved it!  Out of all of the recipes, that one has to be my favorite.  So good! 

Well, that’s all for tonight.  I hope everyone is feeling healthy and loved tonight.  If you have any suggestions for slow cooker recipes we should try, or if you would like to share how your slow cooker meal went, please send me an email. 

These recipes can be found at Loving My Nest. 



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