Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chicken Taco Soup and Sausage and Bean Dinner!

We have a busy Saturday today, and have been invited over to our friends house for dinner and a Wii showdown, so I won’t be making dinner in the crockpot tonight.  I’m pretty disappointed actually, which is strange for me to MISS making dinner haha.  I think I am going to take a bag of dinner over to our friend’s house though since they are so kindly feeding my family tonight.  Then I will bring down my Wii hammer!
My friend Molly also made the sausage and bean dinner as her first meal.  But before she could make the dinner she had to get her supplies!
Prepping is definitely the worst part of this whole challenge.  The eating every night with next to no work is the payoff.  Molly said she spent $150 on everything, which is about how much I spent. 
Molly said this about the sausage and bean dinner, “The beans and sausage I really liked and John loved. We did zesty bob Evans sausage to add a kick. I don't like sausage but I do like spicy things and beans. Turkey burger would be a good alternative for someone like me who doesn't like pork.”  If Molly wasn’t 4000 miles away in Michigan, I would definitely be coming over for dinner.
So yesterday when we ate our sausage and bean dinner, we had leftovers that I’ll be taking for lunch.  It may be hard to wait that long. 
Michelle made chicken taco soup for dinner.  Whatever she eats for dinner tonight, I think she is going to defrost first hahaha.  Michelle also likes to Dutch oven, you know the Creuset kind.  ;-)
Also, I would like all of you to be my witness that Michelle sent me a picture of her Chi-Chis. 
This looks really good.  I think I may make this for dinner tomorrow night!
Looks like her husband Jamison liked it too.  Michelle said, “We did the taco soup.  Too hot for bland mouth Jamison, but excellente for picante Michelle.  He went back for seconds so it couldn't be that bad!  Actually it was very yummy.”
The recipes for the sausage and bean dinner, and the chicken taco soup are from Loving My Nest, and can be found here.
Every month is a new challenge.  If you would like to jump in on the “Cupcake Challenge” starting on April 1st, send me anemail! 

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