Monday, April 1, 2013

Cupcakes for the Easter Bunny

What kind of cupcakes to Easter bunnies eat?  Carrot cake ones of course! 
To kick off the beginning of the next 30 days, I made two batches of carrot cake cupcakes.  Carrot cake is not my favorite, but with it being right around Easter time, how could I resist?
I took a dozen of these little orange-ish gems to work with me, and in about 15 minutes, they were all gone.  The perk of working with mostly men is that you always feel like Gordon freaking Ramsey!  If Gordon Ramsey baked cupcakes from the box that is. 
I used cream cheese frosting and used a little frosting gun that I picked up for about $10.  My mom sent me the cupcake liners and Easter themed toppers, so I of course HAD to use them haha. 
So my mom is also doing this challenge with me!  And as it so happens, great (red-headed) minds think alike.  She also made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Hey Easter bunnies in Texas have to eat too! 
Being the smart lady she is, she used nuts on top.  She took hers to the, “nice, cheerful people who work at the Work in Texas office”.  I say that the people who are helping others find jobs deserve a nice cupcake!  The meaning behind the Cupcake Challenge, is to show people love, especially when they aren’t expecting it!
Bake some cupcakes with us and share your photos!  You can send the photos and some information about them to my email box, here.  You can always leave a comment or message on the Facebook page too!  In other news, I have been getting a bunch of spam in the comments, so I will be adding a comment filter.  Please still use the comment box if you have something to say...unless you’re trying to get us to check out your site where you sell little blue pills or something. 

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